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ANTIETAM CREEK Typical trip Canoe & Kayak 


TRIP A. Our most asked for trip - DEVIL'S BACKBONE THROUGH ANTIETAM BATTLEFIELD TO BURNSIDE BRIDGE TAKE-OUT also called "Mollys Hole". [8 miles 4 hours±] Guided or unguided Trip. [see map of "lower section"] can be run at levels down to 2.5 feet [Sharpsburg gauge], appropriate for Canoes, Rec & River Kayaks, at 2.5-4.5 feet. All trips are pre-scheduled by phone or email. Short notice is acceptable. Walk ins require Photo ID and security deposit.




  • Arrive at Devil's Backbone 8AM to about 2PM Generally you choose your start time. [If you start at about Ten AM the following times fall true]  Fill out waivers, Discuss waivers, pay fees not pre paid with reservation , draw your boat, paddles, life jackets, map [with a Thor Hieraldall commerative zip lock map case] and gear. 

  • Unload all the gear you want to take on the trip. [make sure your car keys are safe] Ask the guide for stuff you forgot or need. [If you want or need your car at the take-out at trips end we run a shuttle here. It takes about 30 minutes... If at your conveniance cost is $5 extra for Mollys and $10 extra for Potomac...mind your car keys ]

  • 3. After an orientation talk, Map "go over" instruction and demo. [takes about 10 - 20 minutes or as long or short as the group can tolerate] Carry your boat and gear to the creek [about 30 feet]

  • 4. Put on the creek at about 11 AM , and off you go on the first leg through small rapids, riffles, ledges, bends and unspoiled country on perfect cold, clear water. Pass Beaver Creek, German stone on stone Farm houses and Barns, under stone arched bridges .... all in the one plus hour paddle to your lunch stop at "Two goose Islands" or the long abandoned narrow gauge railroad grade on River left. [you provide the lunch unless you have made arrangements with us to do so].

  • After lunch, paddle about 1 1/2- 2 1/2 hours to the take out a little below Burnside Bridge. On this leg we go Under the three arch stone Keedysville Bridge [Upper Bridge in Civil War concept, Hitt's Bridge by name] pass Little Antietam Creek where, if the water is right, we can paddle up to a beautiful 5 story mill that's worth the trip; pass the water fall on river right [photo op] that marks the battlefield and McClellan's headquarters far off river left [far from the actual battle] Then under the modern Middle Bridge and lastly Burnside Bridge...... Go softly here. "Take a minute..... Sense the ferment of a place where, one Wednesday morning six hundred people died trying to cross that little stone arch. And where, by Wednesday evening, their souls were numbered small among the twenty three thousand casualties for which Antietam is so awfully known. It's a bit like boating the ruins of some myth cast cathedral whose last requiem plain song won't go away." Take a deep breath. Then paddle down through Molly's hole [a one EEEK! Ledge to fondly remember]. The Take out is just 50/100 yards beyond on a low bank, River left.

  • Take out, short carry and load boats, board the "Discover Bus", Suburban , your own cars or a combination of all, for the 15 minute trip back to Devil's Backbone. It's about 3 or 3:30PM.  Don't forget your map and case. You deserve a stop at Nutters, in Sharpsburg. Maybe the greatest icecream store in the history of mankind.


 Unguided Weekend Trip "A" $ 40  per paddler , canoe or Kayak .  Guided Trip adds $150 - $200 per guide to the cost of the whole group/trip.  Each of these trips is designed specifically for your group. [all fees for scouts, Groups and charities are included in a specific trip quote, Md Sales and entertainment tax 11%]


















          Click here to contact us with questions or to request a Trip date by phone or E Mail 


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