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We run many rental, short notice trips and shuttles from a phone call or email request with or without reservations. For larger groups, BSA/GSA Troops, School outings, Instruction Classes etc. that will use a several boats, guides, assets and commitment; we request A 50% or 100% deposit in advance to secure a guaranteed reservation.



Each Reservation is Tentatively accepted via phone 240 447 0444 for greg and 240 291 2462 for john or email [link], and agreed prior to deposit. After deposit the reservation is guaranteed.  Prior to receiving your deposit, if another group requests your date with a deposit, we will contact you and ask for your deposit via Paypal. If that cannot be reasonably done, your reservation will be changed to another tentative time or date.


We have 2 methods of payment to make things pretty simple:

   1) Call or send us an email CLICK ON THIS LINK To generate the email include the date time phone and detail of your request. We will generally call, email and send you  a detailed invoice that is payable with the click of a button through PayPal with any major credit card or Pay Pal Account.


    2) Or, with prior agreement, a mailed check To Antietam Creek Canoe if there is at least 2 weeks prior to your event.[we like the email/invoice method because it costs you nothing and leaves a written communication and acknowledgement at each end of the transaction] 



Please treat Antietam Creek Canoe much like you would Wolftrap [or any outdoor Theater]. If you make a reservation [e.g.. buy a ticket for lawn seating] and the show goes on; You will not receive a refund and we will generally reschedule your trip.  If, because of extreme weather, high or low water, unsafe conditions,  the show does not go on then you will receive a full refund and or a re-schedule at your preference. 


It is most important that you understand that it is not you who determines whether or not the show goes on. 

I do that...[ the same as Wolftrap does]. And I'm pretty fair about it. Keep in mind that I'm the guy who preps the boats, loads, unloads, restocks, leads the trips, runs the shuttles etc. On a bad weather day, I'd much rather stay in my shop and make antiques than lead an unhappy group of threatened paddlers down Antietam Creek in a potentially dangerous situation. [Note that in safe, light rain, showers, intermittent conditions we generally run the trip. We never call off a trip because of what your weatherman thinks may happen]


........if this policy is not to your liking, then please don't make reservations. *Call and make an arrangement that you can live with; or just come on up [good to call first  240 447 0444 or 301 660 1273 ] and see if we're here with the band playing, and if we have spots & equipment available. That way bad feelings are minimized.


For cancellations, other than for dangerous conditions, there are no refunds. Our direct expenses will be decucted from the deposit and the balance applied to a rescheduled future trip. One more if. If, [well that seems to be two,] you are not clear on this refund stuff, *call or email me email [link] for your specific situation.








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