Price list for 2019

     Keedysville Bridge, also the Upper Bridge for the Battle of Antietam and Hitt Bridge , near the Pry Mill and Pry House Union Hosp and HQ 



Unguided Creek Trip. CANOE, map.gear,PFD, shuttle per paddler

Unguided Creek Trip Kayak  map gear PFD shuttle  per paddler

Unguided Creek Tube Trip PFD, shuttle, cooler tube per tuber

Flat water Creek paddle Devil's Backbone Park put-in per BOAT

       Kids generally Free, not always available ....

3 Person canoes with child (2) in center seat

Solo White water canoes and kayaks {we do not use skirts *Ask]

Double Shuttle charge for rentals. ( rental w Your car at take-out)

Shuttle fees for non renters    $20 -  $30 for Potomac

Shuttle fees for Private boaters with an unguided rental group $10

Shuttle/Guide fees for Private boaters with a guided trip  $20
         Misc. Travel Potomac, Harpers Ferry, Brunswick, Seneca, etc. @50 cents per Round trip mile.    

ALL Instruction fees  [plus dues [ACA], direct expenses , travel & book cost]  $60 per 1/2 day and $100  per full day

       Minimum 4 candidates/students per class, Private lessons $40 per hour. Equipment provided. Specific quotes for each course or class.
Maryland Sales and entertainment tax is 11% . [[6% + 5%] when required


Guided Group Creek Trips use these same relative prices but are quoted

per trip for the group with guide fees and discounts included in the quote


Lost Paddle  Canoe $30, Kayak $50

Damaged Boat Cost to fix at $40 per working hour + materials

Lost PFD  $30

Damaged Tube  no charge.


Guide fees $150  - $200 Per guide per trip charged to the trip total cost. 

Canoe and kayak outfitting and repairs $40 per working hours plus materials and direct expenses.





Weekday Price





$  5.00


Weekend Price





$  5.00