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Lots to see and do up around Antietam Creek Here's a few Places to eat & Fiddle



Where to pick up Eats and drinks for your trip

Near the put in or takeout:  

Wise Supermarket in  Boonsboro

ACT  Gas Station @ lappans Rd & Rt 65

Subway @ Town Square Boonsboro 

On the Shuttle:

Battlefield Market Rt 65 Sharpsburg

Deli @ Bonnies Red Byrd, Keedysville


Eats and Drinks on the way home from your Antietam Trip

Sharpsburg: Capt Benders a civilized bar with good food and Drink

Keedysville: Bonnies Red Byrd. A real Country Restaurant. Think Red                       eye gravy, slipery pot pie and reasonable prices.

Boonsboro: Crawfords. A real country counter. Where you can get  a                      grilled chease Sandwich, shot gun shells, dog tags,                              fishing license. and listen to the police CB channel

.         Dans . A really nice Bar, Restaurant good food, huge                   beer list. City prices.

          Vesta - Good food, simple surroundings reasonable $          

ICE CREAM after trip Must go to NUTTERS Sharpsburg, Town SQ.

Nutters has  GREAT Icecream, outrageous portions, reasonable prices [Huge hand dipped milkshake spoon thick $3.60 ] served by

wonderful ladies who have been there since Sharpsburg was founded. At Nutters on any given Sunday you will find the Town Square filled with one of every type of person known to mankind; all licking icecream cones and smiling when they are not.

OUT and About

RT  40  Toward Frederick [Balt Wash.] South Mountain Inn

              In Middletown The Main Cup.  Great Spot food etc


Shepherdstown: Great little college town with Wonderfuf resturants.

We like the Blue Moon. Others as well. AND you should step into  O'Hurly's General Store just across the tracks. It's better than Disney land...given the distance and all. And you will find something you need......  an 18th Century musslen puffy sleave shirt made by Alice,. bag of marbles, wooden train whistle, bag of rose head nails or a cast iron swedge block...



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