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Antietam Creek Canoe, Greg Mallet-Prevost 30 YR. Instructor Trainer Level 4 River Canoe, Instructor L2 River Kayak with past credentials in swift water safety and rescue and Touring Kayak. First Aid and CPR current. We are closely associated with Mike Aronoff @ CKAPCO, Canoe Kayak and Paddle Co. Mike and Valery Dudash @ Eagle Aquatics with Canoe, Kayak, and SUP credentials to round out our teaching swath. Our Venues include Antietam Creek, The Potomac From Shepherdstown [Harpers Ferry] to Seneca Creek [Poolesville Area] 

Tandem & Solo Canoe
Skill and Instructor Cert. Courses  


 Direct Link to all ACA Canoeing Skills Courses through L3 River


Specific to Antietam creek, we teach a 1-2 hour flat water skills course followed by an introduction to Class I moving water in the form of a guided trip on the Lower section of the creek. 

 Safety and Rescue  Canoe and Kayak,   

Stand Up Paddle Board.

 DIRECT LINK to all ACA SUP paddling classes



       Taught by Mike and or Valery Dudash [Valery Emailed, She said her name should be spelled "Valerie "].

I explained that my way was more efficient, shorter, etc. She's not having any of it. So from now on we're spelling Valery, Valerie; and think you should do the same.


Trip Leading Skills Canoe and Kayak 

.Direct Link to ACA 2 day L2 Trip leading course


Antietam Creek also teaches a concentrated 1 DAY Trip leaders course/assessment appropriate for Flat Water Touring Venue, with a full compliment of strokes, maneuvers boat handling skills, boat assisted rescues, reentries, towing etc.



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