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BoyScout Troop Trip Training, Potomac River

Scout Training Programs :

At Antietam Creek we teach and assess Canoe and kayak Merit Badge Knowledge and skills. 


Additionally we teach a one day TRIP LEADERS COURSE  for Scout related Moms, Dads and Scouts that is the foundation of solid canoe and kayak paddling. It is modled from the ACA Quick Start Course,  6 strokes and 6 maneuvers with elements of Level 1 and 2 self and assisted rescues,  boat handling, and triping skills for gentle flat water venues. This is a tight but relaxed course with all practical and applicable information and no fluff............. well maybe a little fluff. It is great for non paddlers to pick up must have nuts and bolts, and for occasional paddlers to refine skills....galvanize the hardware.


NORTHERN TIER TRAINING: Various Scout troops have actually designed this course for us via specific requests and suggestions over the years.  In response, We teach the above "Trip Leaders Course" over a large open venue so that the participants experiance open water issues within a 5 or so mile area. Wind, waves, boat traffic, portages, group control. We spend a little less time on the "Intro teaching elements" and more time handling boats, paddling, portaging and problem solving.




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