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Stonewall Jackson marched across this bridge in 1862.....that was some busy day !

  Devils Backbone Bridge, This is the put-in for the "lower Creek", Battlefield Trip .Stonewall Jackson crossed here in 1862 on his way to Harpers Ferry..... busy day, .

....Hi all.  Creeks in great shape in spite of the crazy winter and is running about 2.6 [Low but paddleable ]. As at Sept.16   [Funkstown to Devils Backbone and on to the Harpers Ferry Road Bridge is clear] The Aquaduct at the C&O is Reported to be clear which is new news. We have not checked it out .  

Girl Scouts tubing on Antietam Creek
Antietam Creek Canoe trip
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Antietam Battlefield Waterfall

Antietam Creek WEATHER LINK
 The waters always cool



 ["OK Lows"=2.6 Lower, 3.2 upper]


The Creek will be running about 2.5-2.7 today, and through  this weekend. That's a low but doable level  of water for Antietam Creek. Pay attention and make decisions early. We understand the jumble at the Aqueduct has been cleared for easy access to the Potomac. 


Phone:  240 447 0444

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Map and Directions LINK

GPS LINKS for all creek points


Hours about 7AM to 7PM [Sometimes we are off site. Best to Call before you come up].

....I'm Greg. Nice to have you here.


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